Horizon Bridge - Public Health Track


Are you an undergraduate student interested in public health who also wants to study abroad in the amazing country of Portugal? If so, the Cuba Public Health Fellowship offers students seminars and site visits, as well as the opportunity to have fun exploring historic Havana, Cuban beaches, and the rest of the beautiful island with daily free time. Students will be based in Havana, Cuba for 3 weeks in the summer of 2019 for under $3000.

we partner with a local university level insitution (usually a nursing school, because that's how europe works, although our program is not for nursing majors but rather for PH) that through a combination of classes, field visits, and an internship component exposes our students to public health.

Are you an undergraduate student interested in public health who also wants to study abroad in the amazing country of Cuba? If you are interested in a non-conventional pre-health study abroad experience that will help you stretch the limits of your comfort zone, the Cuba Public Health Fellowship is accepting applications for 3-week programs in Havana starting in the summer of 2019. Beginning with an orientation to Cuban history and culture, the Fellowship will offer students the ability to rotate between shadowing 7 hours a day at public health NGOs such as MEDICC, CARE, and OxFam, as well as at Cuban public hospitals and the Cuban ministry of health. Fellows will be able to choose a research track such as tropical disease treatment, health policy, or family practice, and through their track will explore the differences in US and Cuban public health systems. All Fellows will receive support during and after the program from a public health professional mentor in translating their Cuba PH Fellowship experiences to research, fellowship, job and medical school applications as Fellows learn more about career options in the field. Fellows proficient in Spanish will be able to hone their language skills, and will be supported by site managers, who will guide students from site visits, to housing in downtown Havana to the beautiful beaches on the Cuban coast during daily free time. The program fee of $3000, will cover housing, most meals, and travel insurance over the 3 weeks of the program. Apply today: https://cubafellowship.org/the-cuba-public-health-fellowship