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What we do: run substantial internships at foreign government entities abroad.


Horizon Bridge allows students to fully immerse themselves in a foreign government entity. Each 4-week program allows students to explore topics such as economic development, international affairs, and environmental policy in Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon. Fellows will discover the rich cultural heritage of Lisbon, which The Guardian describes as “a place so beautiful you can’t believe people are using it to live in.”

There will be three 4-week long sessions in the summer of 2019:

19 May - 15 Jun 2019

16 Jun - 13 Jul 2019

14 Jul - 10 Aug 2019


Our testimonials


“The Horizon Bridge Government Fellowship was an entirely new and eye-opening experience. It provided me the spectacular opportunity to learn about the government in a hands-on and interactive way; the government officials that I worked with treated me and my colleagues like professionals and sincerely valued our opinions and prospectives. I would definitely recommend participating in the program because there is no better way to learn about the government than to experience it for yourself.”


"I was able to be engulfed in another society which allowed me to understand how they view business and government…I enjoyed the environment quite a bit."


Video from 2017 inaugural program in the Canary Islands:

Our vision: Bridging Horizons around the world

Ultimately, the vision of Horizon Bridge is in our name: to connect the world (“Bridge”) by opening Fellows’ eyes to possibilities (“Horizons”) beyond what they could have imagined. This can come through many different means: from the government work that students do during their internships, to the cultural differences that they learn to navigate, to the historical knowledge and language skills that Fellows learn, all of which enable Fellows to better understand their own home countries, bridging horizons around the world.